We’ve been busy

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…but continue to laugh a lot!

Here’s a little catch up with Carly and her Science Project…


Neat Treat

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Danny’s been doing such a good job of keeping his room neat and in order so to reward him (& inspire Carly) we started…

Happy Birthday Carly! Big 5!

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Carly & friends staffing the Animal Clinic with Grandma as the Director.


Lollipops for all good vets!


Pet shop cupcakes courtesy of cousins Kaylee & Ally – aren’t they adorable?

Carly loves animals and does really well with them. We have 2 German shepherds who she loves to train and spoil. She decided that she wanted a Pet Hospital for her birthday cuz she wants to be a Vet. She & her girlfriends had a lot of fun measuring, weighing, taking temperatures, wrapping gauze and applying band-aids, giving shots, treats and cuddles.

Camping at the waterpark!

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This lil guy’s getting pretty good at helping set up camp.


Out on an explore


Sitting still enough for a dragonfly to land on them

books for boys

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Danny & I have really enjoyed reading these 2 books together this last month.


“Dangerous Jounery” is a child’s version of Pilgrims Progress. Here’s a review by Terry Delaney, who also read it to his 4 yr old son.  It’s recommended for 8 yrs old on up but Danny really enjoyed it and it prompted hours of discussion & questions.

“Hunkin did a masterful job of choosing the pertinent sections from the original Pilgrim’s Progress and placing them alongside the masterful artistic renditions of each scene.  The artwork in and of itself is worthy of the price of the book and might even be able to tell the story just by looking at the pictures.”


“Squire and the Scroll” is a beautiful allegory, again with gorgeous illustrations. The author has a whole website with instructions on how to use this book along with squire ceremonies, knights codes etc.


like mommy like Carly

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Me: Goodnight Carly

Carly: Goodnight Mommy. Mom, what are you planning on doing now?

Me: I’m going to paint my nails and get to some email.

Carly: Oh good, those are the 2 things I need to do too.


Thomas Hack and family celebrating 10 years of Activated Ministries success.

We had a magical evening on the waterfront celebrating all that the Lord has done over the past 10 years. It was wonderful to be able to have so many loved ones and co-workers make it. And it made us miss many of you who we’ve been blessed to live and work with who have moved on to new mission fields; Nic & Sherry, Paula & Phil, John & Abi, Justin & Linda, and Jason & Clara. You’re in our hearts and prayers!


Highlights from the last 10 years

Carly and Violet – Forever


Danny in the bounce house, where he pretty much spent the whole evening

Dino Mountain

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We finally made it to Dino Mountain today, the latest Summer addition to the Wild Animal Park.  It’s very well done, the kids loved the over 2 dozen mechanical dinosaurs. complete with sound effects, baby dinos hatching from eggs etc. They were pretty real to life, Carly kept asking Danny which ones were meat eaters and then she walk clear around those.

Here’s Carly operating the do-it-urself Stegosaurus.


did you know?

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Danny was talking to me about his good friend Emmer: Mom, I realised that in all the time I’ve known Emmer I’ve never asked him if he believes in Jesus.

Me: Oh he does, sweetheart, his family are missionaries too.

Danny: Well, Mom, I’d better check with him, just to make sure he really knows.

So the next day…

Danny: Emmer, did you know that God’s love is just like numbers, it just goes on and on and on and never stops? Can you believe that!

Emmer: Oh yeah I know, it’s like a rocket ship, it goes to outer space and keeps on going.

Danny: Oh yeah, Emmer, it’s like a time machine, it goes forwards and backwards.

Emmer: Oh yeah, Danny, it’s like bigger than all the oceans and lands.

Danny: Oh good, I’m glad you already know that.

Emmer: Danny, I’m already 5 years old.

Hanging out at the ranch

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Thomas Hack relaxing with family at the ranch


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